Jim’s Pre Surgery Gig Single launch

Hi, my name is Jim and I’ve been a singer all my life.
On stage, in the bath, in the car.  
Singing is the closest thing I get to high-fiving God.
At the beginning of 2019, just as I was about to launch my new band ‘We’re All Aliens,’ I discovered that I had to have imminent scary singer surgery to remove a growth on my thyroid.
All fairly routine, (providing it doesn’t show up other scary stuff), but I was advised that the procedure could have a lasting impact on the sound of my voice.
I was told I might lose some high-end.  I was told I’d be hoarse.  I was told my voice might not sound the same ever again.
For me, life changing.
This blog is going to document my journey as I look to regain the sound of my voice.  I hope to share with you via video and written blogs, using my experience  to reach out to the community of people out there who have been faced with similar experiences.
Thank you for visiting and stay connected.
Instagram: aliensvoice

1. Jim discovered on Monday 7th January of tumour on thyroid that could be cancerous and needs removing. (Inconvenient).

2. As a result of the surgery, might not be able to sing again. (Upsetting).

3. Supposed to be launching new band’s first single this month. (Conflicting).

4. Decided to hastily arrange a pre surgery gig next Sunday. (Acoustically).

5. Please come. It might be in the Guiness Book Of Records for being the only launch and farewell gig ever (Or something).

6. There’s a Just Giving page to support ‘The Choir with No Name’ which helps homeless people through singing and meals. (Altruistically).

7. Please share (Virally)

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